Yarn Along


When I came across the Game of Thrones Mystery knit-along on Ravelry, I (almost literally) ran and grabbed some needles and a ball of yarn.
I bought that yarn (Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic) on my last trip to Germany, intending to turn it into something for my sister – now this might be it, unless I decide to keep it for myself, ahem.. But the pattern calls for two balls, so my dear mum made the trip to the local yarn shop and is sending me a second one. Phew!
I love the colour changes, quite subtle, but they certainly make the whole thing more entertaining!

I found the book at the library – seriously, a cooking book for muesli and granola? She must have written it for me. I’ll definitely let you know how how I get on with it. Granola, strawberry and chocolate trifle? Yes please!




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3 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Katie says:

    That is an interesting pattern – it looks quite complicated! The cookbook looks fun.

  2. *kate says:

    I would totally want to keep that shawl too! I love the shading in the yarn.
    That recipe sounds yummy!

  3. karen says:

    So glad your mom could help in your knitting crisis!! The shawl is looking so nice and now I’m hungry for some breakfast food…

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