Tuesday slump


Despite my calls for a longer weekend, I started off on Monday bright and early, ticking things off my list left, right and centre.
Somehow I lost that oomph today. The Tuesday slump.
All that helps on days like these are baked goods. I had half a tin of pineapple left over from a fruit salad, so pineapple and coconut muffins it was. Half of them with icing, for the very slumpy (me). Now the kitchen has a nice dusting of icing flour, and I’m aiming for an early night (not something I’m usually good at).
Back tomorrow.

p.s. Also, I’ll just stick this little reminder below if you don’t mind:
Big sale this week in the Etsy shop!


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2 Responses to Tuesday slump

  1. CJ says:

    Sorry you’re in a slump, I do hope you’re back full of energy tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the muffins. Cake usually makes things a little brighter I find.

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