P1020660The summer holidays are here now (well, for some of us anyway), so weekend, Monday – all the same, right? I just wish the children would realise that no alarm clock means that no, we do not have to be up at half six every morning!
We might still need to practise that one a little bit.

This weekend we had a morning that felt like evening, with the darkest storm clouds looming, and a big thunder storm just as we were getting ready to leave. A morning spent making a big bunch of crepe paper roses.
A wonderful (sunny!) afternoon spent at a birthday celebration, with lovely people, good food, happy children.

Today, I am trying to start the week on the front foot, ticking off as many things as possible from my list early, in the hope no new ones will come to replace them. Ha!

I hope you’re having a good start to your week.
Weekending with Karen

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2 Responses to Weekending

  1. karen says:

    we keep having mornings where it just seems like the rain will come, but out comes the sun and the humidity continues. Hoping for some rain. Birthday celebrations are the best 🙂

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