August Break : In My Bag



A good opportunity to clear out my bag and take stock: One phone, one wallet, one Foxy zippy purse (from Little Trees Handmade). One memory stick with a photo I’ve been meaning to get printed. A notebook, a diary, a pen (of the kind I always vow to remove from my bags because they all eventually leak). One pair of sunglasses, one lipstick, chewing gum (all of which I hardly ever use. They’re always at the bottom). One toy car just in case. Hare Trail passports (we’re collecting stamps for every hare we find around town during the local Hare Festival). Countless receipts and coupons.
Not pictured: countless crumbs. And a spare nappy.

* A photo a day: I’m joining the August Break this month.


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5 Responses to August Break : In My Bag

  1. Yanic A. says:

    I’m not quite sure what I’ll make of this one, I don’t have a bag! LOL!

  2. Amy says:

    Eee, I’m in the blog! This has made me smile. Enjoy your break x

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