Hello, September


We’re still shaking the beach sand from our shoes, but the first leaves are already turning.
Hello, September, you came so quick!
I aimed for an organised start of the week, and the new month. Ticked a fair few things off the ol’ list. Added some new ones. I feel an autumn clear-out coming on (it’s been a while). I made lemon curd for a swiss roll but had to abandon the kitchen chaos halfway through to be with a wakey baby. Maybe tomorrow.
I’m catching up with postcards and parcels I’ve been meaning to send for ages – before the month catches up with me.
We’ve had a lovely summer, and I’m looking forward to a new season. The forecast tells me we have a few warm days ahead still, so make the most of it.
Happy September, all.

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4 Responses to Hello, September

  1. karen says:

    happy September to you as well!

  2. Ah, ist jetzt also blau dran. Ich muss immer noch über deinen Satz schmunzeln: “Now people can stop worrying, why I am writing in my passeport” (oder so). 🙂

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