This weekend flew by oh so fast.
A first baby tooth was lost, what a big day.
When I was little, there was no tooth fairy, but apparently now there is, and a tooth fairy needs a pillow – this one was a bit last minute, even though the event was not at all unexpected. (There is a tiny pocket behind the door for the tooth.)

The proud owner of the new gap in his mouth chose the button to open the door, and the “chimney” ribbon to hang the pillow by, as he did not want to risk losing the precious tooth under his own pillow.
Apparently he worked out that he has to lose three more teeth before he can buy himself a little box of lego.

We had visitors who came with gifts of fresh vegetables and freshly caught fish, there were walks and games of football, food and talk, and suddenly the weekend was over.
Phew. Better start adjusting to Monday!

A happy Michaelmas week to you.
Weekending with Karen.

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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. Erin says:

    What a wonderful little pillow! We’re going to need one of those around here too before too long… Blessings!

  2. Donna says:

    The pillow is adorable! I hope the tooth fairy was generous 🙂

  3. karen says:

    oh, the getting older and I’m glad there is a tooth fairy now! When I was little a tooth was a dime, when I was nearly finished the price moved up to a whole quarter!

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