This weekend had a bit of a stressful start. So the rest of Saturday was spent with baking therapy. A tray of Baklava, a layered chocolate orange cake.
It was also a day of celebration (Happy Eid, to those who celebrated). Here, there were good food, stories, and a trip to the toyshop!
Sunday was the harvest festival in our local church, an afternoon spent with friends on a hillside, flying kites and having the cake eaten by a passing puppy.
Today I need to catch up with October. I still haven’t got this month’s diary out, and I’m starting to get in a muddle with things I should have written down in there!

A good week to you all.
Weekending with Karen.

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3 Responses to Weekending

  1. Donna Fiore says:

    Baklava sounds delicious. It is one of my favorites but I never have tried to make it. Such beautiful roses!

  2. karen says:

    I hope as you read this you are stress free and skipping around the house. I find Monday’s to be challenging anymore because I unplug over the weekends.

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