Hello, October – and other things happening

P1030985Ok, I know October is already a week old. A quarter gone!
But unusually, I got out my no. 10 diary only yesterday. October in a lovely jeans blue.
(I just finished a hat that matches it perfectly. Not for me, though.)
And unusually, this is the month that already in week one seems the fullest.
Lots of appointments, meetings, play dates, a birthday, celebrations. A lot to organise.
A lot of lists to write, for there is a most useful ‘notes’ section at the back of each little booklet.
Lists like, what to knit and who to knit it for, what to knit it with, and do I still need to buy yarn?
I started knitting this year’s Christmas hats. I do apologise if it hasn’t entered your realm of consciousness yet – I am all for Christmas chocolates and decorations to stay out of the shops until advent, but secret elving must begin earlier. Handmade takes time.

Speaking of which (time, and handmade): this here blog turned four a few weeks ago! The shop did, too. And how better to celebrate than with a few autumnal special offers and giveaways.
You can keep up with them on facebook and twitter (just look at me, connected and all that), and keep an eye out here for announcements.


The first special offer is this autumnal indoor wreath, an 8″ rattan wreath with a tiny sunflower gnome and hand felted autumn leaves. This one-off autumn decoration is now only £20 with free UK postage (just one available!). Click here to see it on Etsy.

(And if you place a first order with Etsy, you can even save another £5 by clicking here.)


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5 Responses to Hello, October – and other things happening

  1. lvaletutto says:

    Happy blogiversary! And yes, I too have already begun planning and somewhat acting on my handmade Christmas list. Anna’s birthday presents for the end of the month have to be finished first though… so much to do!

  2. Yanic A. says:

    Your wreath is just lovely!

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