Yarn Along


I remember my dad showing me how to fix book pages with sello tape. I think it was on a book of Nasreddin Hodja stories.
Boy, does that skill come in handy these days. The little guy is a book destroyer. And it doesn’t help that a lot of our books here are from the library.
Picking apart carefully constructed piles of knitting projects on a book, just as Mama is trying to take a picture, comes a close second.
As for my own reading, it is slow. Busy days, these!

I’ve been knitting hats, and just cast on a Beyond Puerperium for a bit of variety. My own Rikke hat is also finished (notes here).
I let the big boy choose his own yarn for his hat, and he chose black.
He’s five going on fifteen.
And let me tell you, knitting with black yarn in the evenings, you can’t see a thing you’re doing. Which is why, in effect, I must have knitted his hat at least twice!


In other news, in the course of this here blog’s and the shop’s fourth birthday celebration, I am giving away a little gnome of your choice. (See yesterday’s celebratory post here.)
You just need to leave a comment on the Facebook post (pinned to the top) with your idea of the gnome of your dreams to be in with a chance of winning.
Good luck!


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6 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    I remember fixing books as well, comes in handy doesn’t it? love the pile of knitting on the books 🙂

  2. Kelly J. R. says:

    I wouldn’t have even noticed the little arm reaching in there until you mentioned it. 🙂
    I read Night Circus a few years back and enjoyed it. Such a weird, fantastical world.

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