P1040077… and here it is already Monday evening. Where are the days going?
The weekend was full. We were out a lot, doing, walking, meeting.
A little space on Sunday morning, the boys watching the car races, with a cup of tea and some knitting. And poppy seed cake.
And then we were out again.

It has gone cold here, autumn has well and truly arrived. It’s been grey and wet – and did I mention the cold?
Today I’ve been trying to catch up. Preparations, bills, emails, orders, forms. I managed a few ticks on that ol’ list, but somehow it’s not been a good day for completing things.
Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right?

Weekending with Karen.
How has yours been?


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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. karen says:

    you have cold we have a warm front that is just not right at all! So maybe we will be back to cold later. LOVE the purple!!!

  2. Donna says:

    That’s what goes on in our house on Sunday mornings – watching F1 races! I do so with knitting in hand. I love your yarn! Is that your hand spun? What a beautiful shade of purple.

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