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We had a Naming Ceremony for the little guy this weekend. A lovely day spent with our friends, and a lot of cupcakes (and also an experiment-turned-new-favourite: grapes on cocktail sticks, dipped in melted white chocolate and then dipped in chopped hazelnuts. Leave to set and enjoy. The little guy skewered the grapes, the big one did the dipping. Delicious teamwork!).
We were all shattered by Saturday afternoon, but in a good way.
I only wished small children would appreciate the potential extra hour in bed we all could have gotten from the time changing.
But nevertheless, Sunday was slow and quiet. We now have a week holiday, so the weekend continued seamlessly into Monday.
Although today, dinner was on the table at five – I guess we are all still on summer time!

Weekending with Karen.
How has yours been?


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4 Responses to Weekending

  1. That all sounds lovely. And thanks for the grapes idea. I had actually bought cocktail sticks for the upcoming 5th birthday party not quite knowing what I will stick on them. Now I know 🙂

  2. karen says:

    we have our time change coming this weekend. There goes the after dinner walks! Lovely weekend 🙂

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