Yarn Along



This week is running away from me. I missed Wednesday!
Well, I finished the Vermillion shawl – Ravelry notes here, but no proper photo yet. I’m having trouble being home and remembering to take a picture while it’s still light enough. It gets dark so early now.
Seamlessly moving on to the next shawl – after much perusing I settled on Simple Lines. This one has quite some growing to do still!

I read One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern. It was okay, nothing amazing – but good for picking up here and there, which is what seems to be happening these days.
I am dreaming of long afternoons by the fire with nothing but a cuppa and a book for a few hours… and maybe some cake..


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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Erin says:

    Oh how I share your dreams… what a beautiful color you’ve chosen.

  2. karen says:

    that shawl is in my favorites but I haven’t knitted it up yet. Love your yarn 🙂

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