Yarn Along


After not knitting a stitch for about two weeks, I am slowly catching up now.
This year’s Christmas hat of choice is Barley, and I am on the last one of five. Such a lovely knit.
I am also planning a little Cool Wool Hat for a very special little lady, and a pair of chunky vests for my boys.
I am rather glad I started early on the bigger projects this year. Only chunky knits to be cast on from hereon in!

I am still (yes, still!) reading The Night Circus. Despite the slow progress, I think this might fast be becoming one of my favourite books.
I wish I had a whole weekend of just reading time – but then again, I don’t really want it to finish.

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10 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. karen says:

    I’ve done the barley hat for my son and loved the way it turned out. I used alpaca and it was quite drapey!! lovely stack of knits 🙂

  2. bonnyknits says:

    What wonderful choices! I’ve been admiring the Barley for a while; I must knit one now! And I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the Night Circus. It’s one of my favorites too. 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Gosh, that sounds very organised – nearly five hats already! Hope you enjoy the chunky knitting too 🙂

    I absolutely loved The Night Circus – I read it over the summer, and it’s definitely one of those books that stays with you. Hope you enjoy the rest of it.

  4. zauberflink says:

    Oh, I loved the Night Circus!
    You’ve choosen two lovely patterns for your hats. I love how they play with the effect of stitch and purl!

  5. Oh, just the sight of a stack of knits!
    The hat pattern went on and off my favourites… now on again!

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