P1040822This weekend, we lit the second candle. A happy 2nd Advent weekend to you!
St Nicholas came on Saturday and filled the boys’ boots with nuts and clementines, a little chocolate and a new woolly hat.
A lady in town asked, “Did your mum knit that hat for you?” – “No, St Nicholas did!”.

We baked four trays of biscuits, trying out new recipes – chocolate and mint and these, after a friend gave me a cookie stamp for my birthday! (Both recipes are in German.)
The boys busied themselves in the kitchen while I mixed dough, one cracking nuts, the other peeling a pile of clementines. That is, until the little boy got his hands on a bottle of yellow food colouring. What can I say. The floor looks ok, but he still has a bit of a yellow tinge.

I spent a late night finishing up a few more Christmassy gnomes for the shop. They will be available shortly. Just a few more custom orders left now.

I attempted to have a pyjama day today, something I never do.
It only took me until lunchtime to buckle under the peer pressure (“Mama, why are you still not dressed?!”). Also, the weather has brightened up and won’t give me enough excuse anymore to stay inside all day and eat cookies.
So instead I think we might go outside and eat cookies. Somebody has to!

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9 Responses to Weekending

  1. Großartig,
    herzlichen Adventsgruß!

  2. caityrosey says:

    I love that little gnome. I had an art teacher in elementary school who was very enthusiastic about gnomes. We did a gnome-focused project every year. Makes me feel as if gnomes are part of my own heritage, even though they’re really not. I’ll have to take a look at your shop.

  3. Noddfacrafts says:

    A PJ day would be lovely but even at my age I can’t seem to find the time!💃

  4. Oh, my, love that little Advent gnome!

    Our kiddos received new hand knit hats and mitts from St Nicholas this year too. While pulling it over his head our son remarked, “Wow, this is a perfect fit, I wonder how St Nicholas knows our sizes?!” Imagine that!

  5. Oh my, yellow food coloring? At least, it wasn’t black! I shouldn’t admit it, but every day is a pajama day around here. Its just more comfy that way. I can’t clean the floor in skinny jeans or a skirt!

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