Yarn Along – The Christmas Knits Edition



I’ve been trying to take a picture of my projects in progress for the last few days, but somehow I am never home and free when there’s light! Oh blessed winter days..

So instead I give you a bit of a Christmas 2014 knits reveal.
I started early this year, doing a bit of gift knitting here and there, and I (almost) managed not to knit frantically on Christmas Eve.
I started knitting the bigger projects, shawls for my mum and sister, back in the summer. The Colour Affection above, and the Stormborn shawl, which was part of a knit-along.
Knit-alongs are a great way to keep motivated during a longer project. I especially fell in love with Mystery Knit-alongs, with weekly clues coming into my inbox to break down the process into manageable bites.
(Currently I am knitting along on this Downton Abbey-themed one!)

Some of my favourite big and little people get hats for Christmas. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition. This year, I knitted a lovely pile of Barley Hats, and it didn’t get boring. (The pattern is available free on Ravelry.)
I am already thinking about The Christmas Hat 2015.
Hats are such a nice little thing to knit if you need a bit of variety!

A few gifts for the tiniest member of our extended family I showed you already, the stripey Beyond Puerperium, and the 2 Colour Beanie.

I said earlier that I almost didn’t knit frantically on Christmas Eve – almost because at the last minute I decided the boys needed a vest each in their stockings.
But because I had to re-knit the little guy’s vest after finishing it and realising it was too small, I was seriously lagging behind. And on the evening before Christmas, after collecting our light from a Christmas Eve celebration, eating a lovely dinner and lighting our tree, after the baby finally sleeping somewhere other than on myself, I had the choice of either knitting through the night, or letting go of the perfect Christmas stocking vest.
I chose sleep, and rebranded the vests as New Years Vests.
(Not the first time this has happened, either: Boxing Day Cardigans 2012, New Year’s Vest 2011).
The pattern I used was the Sandy Vest from What To Knit: The Toddler Years. So nice and squishy, one day I’ll knit myself an adult version! (Ravelry notes here.)


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4 Responses to Yarn Along – The Christmas Knits Edition

  1. Beautiful! I started knitting what I thought might be a small cowl or shrug or miniature shawl but became very bored with it and then started the eyelet stitch and accidentally decreased it. I think it might turn into a little girl’s skirt. I’m not a great knitter so seeing all of the amazing things some of you guys knit is very inspiring.

  2. kja1130 says:

    gorgeous color affection, love that pattern, I’ve knit it twice!!

  3. Schöne Dinge hast du gestrickt! Und vor allem so viele (und so schnell). Ist bei euch alles okay? Du hast dich schon so lange nicht mehr hier gemeldet.
    Viele Grüße,

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