State of Affairs


I’ve been away on family matters, spending days in Germany.
I’ve also been away on my own matters, beginning the year with good intentions and the need for some changes.
The laptop remains switched off during the day, and in the evenings the choice between turning it on, or just being and leaving it off has been easier than before.
My body requested a change in diet, and I’ve been grocery shopping, reading, baking and concocting different things in the kitchen.
I had been wondering how some people seem to have more time, and came to the conclusion that I am just filling up mine too much. So I’m slowing things down a little. It’s what is needed here right now.
I’m still whizzing – I don’t think I’ll ever not be. But I am trying to remember what it was like to procrastinate.
If today was not enough to finish off the to do list, there is still tomorrow.

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1 Response to State of Affairs

  1. I’ve cut back on my internet time and that frees up a LOT of time 🙂

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