In the Kitchen


I’ve been back in the kitchen, and I’ve been trying some new things.
A few weeks ago, when I started feeling like I really needed to do something about the things I eat (because I am not someone who can stop after a piece or two of chocolate, and there was a lot of chocolate around), I googled ‘green smoothies’, because they sounded like the epitome of healthy stuff to me.
I came upon the 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge, and apart from the days I spent in Germany this month, I’ve been whizzing away with my spinach in the blender. There are a lot of recipes to try, but I am mostly making up my own now based on what I know we all like, and what I have in the fridge. I love our green smoothies and the kids do, too (and yes, they know there is spinach in them).
As for cooking, I’ve always cooked most of our meals from scratch, but I’m keeping more of an eye on processed food and sugar these days. I baked a beetroot chocolate cake from Love Bake Nourish which was very popular here. Three quarters of our family love beetroot anyway (not that you taste it in the cake), but just in case I upheld the mystery of that “magic ingredient” for the remaining, non-beetroot-loving quarter.
And today I made these apple and oat muffins, which I know I will be baking many more times. They are absolutely delicious, and have no flour, sugar or dairy in them. I used half the salt the recipe calls for and literally a drop of honey because that was all that was left. I didn’t think anything without all that stuff in it could taste that good. I had to hide the last four so we would have an after-school snack for tomorrow, otherwise they would all have disappeared in a jiffy. (Follow the link for the recipe, but only if you don’t mind a few swear words in your instructions.)

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2 Responses to In the Kitchen

  1. Iris says:

    Those muffins look delicious. I’ve been thinking about making a batch to freeze and take to work as a mid-morning snack every day so I’ll definitely give those a go!

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