Yarn Along

P1050921A day late yarning along – I did have a photo ready and was all set to post yesterday, and then I got a little bit caught up in Ravelry

I was just about to fall into a knitting slump last week (or was it the week before?), when a new mystery knit-along landed in my inbox, that I had all but forgotten about. What a nice surprise! This above is the beginning of the Spring 2015 MKAL by Jenny Faifel.
Apparently I also signed up for the Blooms’n Things knit-along, so I am well supplied with knitting projects.

And one of the reasons why I didn’t make it to the blog, yesterday, there is a new Game of Thrones knit-along coming up in May and I had to start perusing possible yarn choices. Knit-along addicted much?
(p.s.: Here is the Game of Thrones Stormborn Shawl from last year, and Water Dancer cowl from the year before).

Oh, and reading: recipes and other kitchen inspiration…

Oh, and p.p.s.: Easter Sale info over here.


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1 Response to Yarn Along

  1. love the list of your knitting line up, full of good stuff! Beautiful knitting 🙂

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