Yarn Along

P1060003I have so many projects going, stashed in various bags, I am running out of space to hide them (for some reason the Mr is not a fan of having yarn around in every corner of the house!?).
And I’m even thinking of casting on a second of these Spring Mystery Knit-Along shawls, because I love the stripes so much, and I have some more fingering weight yarn bits that would lend itself just perfectly…

I picked up The Snow Child from the library the other day – a bit of the wrong season now, but I remembered reading about it a while back on other Yarn Along posts, and I didn’t have any reservations to collect.
Ok, I also got some (possibly more spring appropriate) crime novels, just in case!

The weather has been glorious here, so I am hoping for some more outdoor knitting in the next couple of days.

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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. vuchickens says:

    LOVED the snow child. Reading it in the spring might be best anyway… It won’t make you feel quite as cold.

  2. one of my all time favorite books, you’ll hopefully agree!

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