In the Kitchen


Experiments in Wild Garlic Pesto: Whizz up equal quantities of wild garlic, nuts (I mostly used hazelnuts and walnuts, whatever I had in the cupboard) and parmesan with a few glugs of olive oil, et voila.
There’s been bread baking, granola making, gathering new ideas of what to do with vegetables I’ve never used before.
I am trying to cut out all sugar, including fruit, for a little while (harder than it looks on paper), but I love my baked goods, and this recipe for Sweet Potato and Feta muffins cheered me up when all my other recipes didn’t fit the bill. I replaced the kale with spinach and folded the feta into the batter before baking, otherwise I followed the recipe, and they turned out very yummy.


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2 Responses to In the Kitchen

  1. Tracey Tims says:

    Both dishes look so good and I will be trying out those muffins this week.

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