Yarn Along

P1060025This is the second of my Spring 2015 mystery knit-along shawls that I am currently working on. I am using leftovers from last year’s Follow Your Arrow shawls no. one and no. two, and from one of this year’s, as well as some other yarny bits leftover from custom orders. I love it when each stripe has a bit of a story of its own.
I am still reading The Snow Child and enjoying it a lot so far (even in the book, the snow has thawed and spring is arriving now as well).

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7 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Tracey Tims says:

    Such beautiful knitting. I love when a book parallels life. The Snow Child is such a great book, I enjoyed it too.

  2. I still haven’t tried a yarn along…I need to though! Your project is looking lovely.

  3. lovely knitting and I’m glad you are enjoying a favorite book of mine 🙂

  4. cricketfox says:

    I have got to find the shawl patterns you are using. I love them and want to give them a go

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