Yarn Along


The (for my standards ) wild colour combinations in this shawl are actually starting to grow on me. Who knows. This is the Blooms’n Things knit along shawl, which is currently waiting for the last clue to be released.
In the meantime, I am knitting the last stripey rows my two Spring 2015 knit-along projects, and looking forward to the Game of Thrones knit-along starting this weekend. Mystery-knitting-along muchly?
I finished reading The Snow Child. Do you know the feeling when you miss the characters after finishing a book? That. Also, I really didn’t want the story to end. Really.

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23 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. heathermama says:

    love that colorful yarn. 🙂

  2. Willow says:

    Those colors may be a little wild but they’re so beautiful – that shawl will definitely turn heads when it’s done. I haven’t read The Snow Child but I definitely know the feeling of missing characters when a story ends. (I’m here from Ginny’s link-up; hi!)

  3. Verónica says:

    I like it, especially the colors!

  4. AndreSue says:

    Ooooo. I love that kal shawl!!

  5. FogKnits says:

    Those colors are amazing! Love the way the wedges highlight them!

  6. Also trotz der intensiven Farben wirkt das Tuch (jetzt wollte ich schon Schal -> Shawl schreiben) doch sehr ruhig. Ich mag es, wenn du eine Unifarbe dazwischen setzt. Hast du schon ein paar mal bei Mützen oder Pullundern gemacht. Apropos, was machst du eigentlich mit den ganzen Tüchern? Strickst du auch noch anderes?
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Hihi, ja das mache ich gerne (scheint so eine Phase zu sein bei mir, wenn ich mir meine anderen Projekte im Moment so angucke….) Letztes Jahr habe ich angefangen, ein paar Tücher zu Geburtstagen und Weihnachten zu verschenken. Meine eigenen designs kommen ins Laedchen. Und ein paar behalte ich für mich selbst. 🙂 Im Moment stricke ich an ein paar Tüchern, einem Top für mich, einem Paar Socken… und Wolle liegt bereit für eine kleine Weste und noch so einige andere Ideen… 🙂

  7. I love that colourful yarn and the way it is calmed down by the blue. I think you will have a beautiful shawl any day now!

  8. salpal1 says:

    love those bright colors! And yes, I know what you mean about missing characters when a book is done. Then, I get all excited when there is a sequel, but it is never the same as the first book.

  9. Kim says:

    The Shawl! It is beautiful.
    I often finish a book and find myself wondering about the characters many days later–like I had lost some good friends. I really went through this when I finally read all the Harry Potter books. I was the last one in my family to succumb,and when I did, I read all 7 books back to back. I really felt like I had lost my friends when I had finished the series. Why do we do that, do you suppose?

  10. I love the colors! Always good to have something that pops in the wardrobe 😉

  11. cricketfox says:

    Those are colors that I would not chose myself but it is looking nice

  12. arabianknits says:

    Those colors are lovely! I probably never would have chosen them, but they look so nice.

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