Yarn Along


I finally made a start on the Game of Thrones knit-along, only to have to completely start over after finishing the first two pattern clues (that’s what late night knitting does to you!).
Thankfully, it’s an easy pattern, suitable for beginners also, so I am now all caught up and ready for the last clue this weekend.
The pattern is a mystery, but since the first knit-along two years ago was a cowl, I am expecting something different.. and there is quite a bit of yarn left, too!

I borrowed a crime novel, Fever Of The Bone, from the library, and have another one waiting. Just linking up to Amazon now, I discovered there are several ones featuring profiler Tony Hill, so I might just have to get onto my library catalogue and see if I can order the other ones. (I like reading my books in order.)
That’d be my reading sorted for the next few weeks.

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10 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Noddfacrafts says:

    It takes me all my time to knit a simple “know what it is” pattern but maybe a mystery would be good!

    • I really like mystery knit-alongs, especially for bigger projects like shawl and such (breaking them up into neat ‘bite-size’ pieces and I don’t get bored so quickly) 🙂

  2. gorgeous color of yarn!

  3. Becki says:

    Hubby has good tastes in color! I love the stitch pattern(s)? in this. I can’t tell if that’s two different stitch patterns, or one patterned turned different directions, but it’s very rich looking.

  4. Amy Putkonen says:

    You have a sweet natural style. I like it. Just joining in with the Yarn Along. Unfortunately, you probably can’t reach my blog from my Google link. My blog is http://myartfulabundantlife.com/2015/05/23/yarn-along-5-23-2015/. Fun to play along!

  5. Lucy BOWEN says:

    Lovely colour and stitch pattern.

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