Yarn Along


I’m a bit behind on the progress of this shawl. Lace shawls are not the kind of project you can take to the park and knit a few rows here and there!
The white lace version is caught up with clue number three, the grey one is even further behind. Poor thing. With the next clue we are going to add a second colour (except the white one won’t have one), so I better get a move on.
I am managing a few pages of my crime novel in the evenings (hiding with a torch under the duvet). The big boy is reading me stories and we share the bedtime reading – how did he get so big?


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4 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Becki says:

    Your shawl is beautiful. And the picture as lovely as can be.

  2. cricketfox says:

    I cant wait to see this one finished It is so delicate

  3. Wow, it looks pretty special. Nice work.

  4. purepurly says:

    Really beautiful! I have (my first…) lace shawl frogged… But might retry at some point!

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