Yarn Along


With a huge delay, I cast on my First Point of Libra. (I tried to finish my other, lacey shawl project first. But then I couldn’t wait any longer.)
The fourth and last clue of this pattern was released today, and I am on clue two. Oh well.
I am planning to knit two of these (the purple one will be mine!). But somehow the second needle, that I had put in my project bag to cast on shawl number two as and when, has disappeared. I faintly remember a little “ding” sound after sitting down on the sofa, after seeing the little guy fiddle with my knitting bag… it might be work taking a look under the sofa cushions.
In the late afternoons when everyone has arrived back home, we put dinner in the oven and go outside in the yard to catch the last bit of sunshine before it disappears behind the rooftop. The boys ride their bikes while I sit and knit a few rows. Easy going garter stitch with nothing but a little decrease here and there is just right for that.

Meanwhile, not much is happening in the world of reading. I dutifully carry my book from the sofa to the bedroom and back again, but seldom do I actually open it.
I am reading fairy tales to the big boy and books about diggers to the little one, that must be enough for now.


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8 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Eileen says:

    Your purple shawl is lovely. I loved reading how you knit while outside with the little ones, brought back lots of memories for me. Enjoy your time and knitting.

  2. Das sieht ja interessant aus, was du strickst! Zeigst du es auch nocheinmal, wenn es fertig ist?
    Eure Nachmittage klingen sehr schön. Die Jungs fahren Fahrrad und du strickst! Einwandfrei! Liebe Grüße,

  3. Ich mag das Bild. Deine Yarn Alongs find ich immer voll schön, weiß nicht warum. Diesmal vielleicht weil mich die goldenen Schuhe verblüffen. ;o) Die Farben sind auch toll und überhaupt… kommt jetzt ein Tuch auf meine to-knit-Liste…
    Herzlichen Gruß!

  4. Lucy Bowen says:

    The colours you have chosen are gorgeous.

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