Hello, September


I know, we are already halfway through (really?!), but today felt like autumn.
The week started grey and blustery, with puddles and the first fallen leaves on the ground. I’m actually wearing long trousers and socks and wellie boots. And my rain coat.
It really must be September now.
The weekend flew by, with a spontaneous visit to the local museum, and a day of sheep dogs, birds of prey, viking battles and yarn at Bristol Wool Fair.
(I indulged in some hand dyed gradient yarn I shall show you soon.)
Tonight, we will welcome autumn with hot cocoa, knitting and stories on the sofa – that’s my plan, anyway. I’ve loved the summer, but at the end of a season I am always looking forward to what the new one has to bring.

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6 Responses to Hello, September

  1. kimmery4 says:

    What a cute photo! Fall has arrived here too–leaves falling early (mostly due to the drought we have had) and drizzley rain and gray skies. After the relentlessly hot summer we had, I am welcoming Fall with open arms.

  2. September indeed! Hard to believe it is already here. The first few weeks are always nice. Then, I just wish for summer again.

  3. It may be September but here it’s still boiling hot! I put on my bathing suit and I go to the beach daily, hoping one day I’ll be cold enough to stay home with my needles….

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