Yarn Along


I finished the First Point of Libra shawl, casting off just when summer really seems at an end here, and just in time for the equinox that gave the shawl its name.
The shawl is a lovely size and so good for wrapping up in, snuggling into its squishiness while trying to dodge the autumn wind and raindrops (today was an excellent autumn day to trial this!).

Like I mentioned before, I am planning another one of these, with a different main colour. (There is plenty of grey yarn left for another version.)
But first there are other things on the needles that have priority.
A shawl commission, a little birthday sweater…

More shawl photos and Ravelry notes here.


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5 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Astrid says:

    Love that shawl and the colours you have used!

  2. bonnyknits says:

    That’s beautiful! Gorgeous color combination and very striking design.

  3. Beautiful shawl and in my favorite colors.

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