Hello, October


September flew past, the autumn equinox, Michaelmas, and suddenly October is here.
I love October.
Today, I took the big boy out on my run – which developed into less of a run, and more of a leaf-crunching and conker-collecting adventure. The leaves are turning, the conkers are abundant, but the sky these days is still bright and sunny – did I mention that I love October?
The new season has arrived, and I hope it will be splendid.
Wishing you all a good start to this new month.

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5 Responses to Hello, October

  1. kimmery4 says:

    Oh! I do love October too.

  2. Mother Hen says:

    Hello! I have been hunting online looking for a warm hat for my four month old grandson, Miles. He lives in Chicago and the winters can be very cold. He is just now getting over an ear infection. I am wanting him to be warm and have looked at amazon and here and there. His dad is originally from England and I have only met him once so don’t know from what area. I think it would be so neat to gift Miles for Christmas with one of your hats for babies. I am thinking maybe more of a traditional bean with no tassles as it will most likely be worn under a hood from jacket or something. Let me know what you think and we’ll go from there.. By December he will be seven months old.. Thanks so much!

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