In the Kitchen


I lost my cooking mojo a bit recently, but I stocked up on some good stuff and can feel it coming back.
I was given the Deliciously Ella book for my birthday, and finally started trying some new recipes. A delicious salad with lentils, courgette and mint is filling everyone’s lunch boxes today, yum!

The Mr brought back some quince from a trip to Turkey that was made into jam over the weekend, and I also used this idea for a lemon, ginger and honey cold remedy.
We’ve all been under the weather one way or another for the past few weeks, so it’s all warm tea and elderberry syrup for us. Hopefully we’ll be on the mend now in time for December (next week! Can you believe it?!)..

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2 Responses to In the Kitchen

  1. oh I will try the soothing jar of lemon honey and ginger just the perfect thing

  2. Oh, I do love quince! It is hard to get here in Colorado.

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