Getting ready for Advent


Up until this year, I have been using a little handmade advent calendar – little bags I made quite a while ago and refilled every year.
This year, the big boy was utterly desperate for one of those advent calendars that have nothing to do with me filling little bags late at night. Sigh. I gave in, and for equality (read hopefully-less-fighting), both of the littles will get a bought advent calendar this year.

But that doesn’t mean that the gnomes will be out of a job, and we shall still have a little advent magic.

I read about Kindness Elves recently, and that just filled the gap that the advent calendar had left.
I bought a little Elf Door from Lola (and couldn’t wait, so it already appeared next to our living room fireplace last weekend). The little wooden gnomes I found at Tiger.
They are ready to help us get ready for Christmas now; we will make cards and presents, bake and share, all with a little help from our gnomes. I shall keep you posted about what they get up to from next week onwards.

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4 Responses to Getting ready for Advent

  1. I just had a look at your handmade calendar. Beautiful. I made also little bags, red and green ones. I am guessing next year I will need to make another set. Or the same thing will happen to me as did to you. A request for a chocolate one. Luckily they haven’t noticed them yet.
    Maybe you should just fill the bags for you? Or ask your children to fill them for you? No one ever thinks of the mums. (I bought one for myself this time, from a fabric/haberdashery shop, so I am expecting lots of nice things in there. Thought I’d deserve it this year.)
    Anyway, looking forward to see what the gnomes are up to during advent.

  2. So sweet these little ones!

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