Yarn Along – Taking Stock


P1070181In 2015, I knitted up 13,643 metres of yarn in 31 projects. 7,168 metres were stash yarn.Twelve shawls, two of which I kept for myself.
This cheerful little stripey thing will be a late birthday gift. It was a project I started before Christmas, using stash yarn. It is finished now, and Ravelry notes can be found here.


Yesterday I emptied my yarn box and took stock. Listing all the yarn in the Stash section on Ravelry is hopefully going to save me digging around the bottom of the box when planning for new projects.

I rang in the new knitting year with a hat for myself. And then cast on another one, just because.
Vests for the boys (from the red and orange yarn on the left), planned before Christmas but put on hold in the general rush of the last month, are next. The cold weather is really only forecast now, so they weren’t missed.
There are a few shawls I am imagining from other yarn in my little stash box, and I am hoping to get the sock knitting mojo back at some point. (I even found 3/4 of a pair of socks in there, started last summer, that surely won’t take long to finish if only I picked up the needles.)

I have a pile of books that were given to me, waiting to be read and I am making a start with a Wallander murder mystery.
Part of my Christmas gifts were a comfy armchair and a cosy pair of slippers – just perfect for chilly evenings with knitting and a book.

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5 Responses to Yarn Along – Taking Stock

  1. *kate says:

    You have a lovely and colorful stash! My stash tends to be blues and purples… I’m working on that 😉

  2. Donna Fiore says:

    You are my hero! I shutter to think what my stash would look like if I emptied the drawer. And the bins. And the closet. And the baskets……

  3. karen sue says:

    I think your stash is lovely! Keep working it! I have stashed mine out of sight for now, but it doesn’t stop the wanting. I just don’t have time and too many projects already going, so the yarn store stop is trying not to happen for a bit… Keep it up!

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