Yarn Along


I knitted two bobble hats for myself, one Siksak and one improvised one, using that gorgeous chunky purple and blue yarn, hand dyed by Daisy at Devon Sun Yarns and a bit of light grey yarn leftover from other projects.
That’s me done for this winter (ignoring the fact that winter itself seems done for now, and all we have is mild air, grey skies and rain).
I also extended a pair of Kanoko pants (up on the left), that I must have knitted some six years ago, with some ribbing on the cuffs. They have a new lease of life, the little boy has a pair of snuggly pants to wear, and my stash is another 50g lighter.

I read The Husband’s Secret, which my online library catalogue recommended to me when I was searching for something else. It is a good novel, a bit of drama, suspense and crime, and an easy read.
I’ll be off to the library later this afternoon to re-stock on books, if only the rain would let up a little bit…

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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. kimmery4 says:

    Love your yarn colors! So cheery. I just took a peek at our favorite books and think I might need to get a copy of The Gentle Art of Quilt Making!

  2. beautiful knitting and the book sounds really interesting 🙂

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