Yarn Along


I cast on another First Point of Libra (no.1, no.2). This one is for me!
The colours are inspired by a jacket I own; navy blue with a red zip. The navy blue is a bit darker even than it shows in the picture.
I bought the set of gradients from fivemoons at last year’s Bristol Wool Fair. The colourway is called “summer fruits” and blends together so well.
I am a little bit concerned about the whereabouts of the fifth, lightest red little ball of yarn being currently unknown. I hope I will have found it by the time I need it again – most likely behind the sofa, or in one of the boys’ treasure collections.

Reading The Silkworm, an easy going read after finishing The Outcast, which was hard to put down but so sad (with a good end too though)!

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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Cricket Fox says:

    it that a free pattern, looks simple

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