Hello, September


Wow, that was a bit of a radio silence here… Through the end of spring and almost all of summer. Every now and again I’d take a picture and think, that one’s for the blog. But then I never logged on. Hardly read. Hardly knitted.

It’s been full of other things here, as life turns this way and that. Now the summer holidays are over, September arrived and the world suddenly looks ready for the new season.

A lot of my time I spent in the kitchen. I completed a three months long clean eating challenge; three months of no processed food, no sugar, caffeine, alcohol or white wheat. Since then, a lot of thought has gone into how to take my experiences forward, in feeding myself and this little family of mine.

So a lot of my making was of the edible kind, and little else. Now it is September already and traditionally the start of my Christmas making period (sorry if you didn’t want to hear that one yet!). So I picked up the needles for the first time in ages, and started by finishing a pair of socks that has been oh so close to being cast off for about two years. Next, there is a shawl to be finished and a cardigan pattern to be made sense of. A lot has happened on Ravelry during my absence!

In the meantime, I was thinking of setting up a little sale in the Etsy shop. I’m hesitant to call it a closing down sale. However, I don’t see myself making new stock at this time, and there are still a few little treasures in there that would be better off in a new home – while I see where I go with my making. So there. A little hibernation sale. For now, and then who knows. I’ll let you know the details.

Nice to be back here though.

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10 Responses to Hello, September

  1. Hallo! Und wie schön, dass du wieder da bist! Die Nähnadeln so lange nicht in der Hand gehabt? Wow, kann ich mir bei dir kaum vorstellen.
    Auch dein Clean-Eating-Challenge interessiert mich. Eine ganz schöne Herausforderung so ohne Koffeein und Zucker! Wie ging es dir dabei? Wie geht es dir jetzt? Was nimmst du mit, was darf wieder kommen? Drei Monate sind eine lange Zeit, gut zum Umstellen. Aber der Sommer ist auch ganz anders als der Winter. Du siehst, mich treibt das Thema um. Vielleicht willst du dazu noch etwas schreiben?
    Jedenfalls, welcome back!
    Liebe Grüße,
    (die ich ebenfalls gerade eine Blog-Blockade habe)

    • Ja, ich kann es mir auch kaum vorstellen 🙂 Da schreibe ich bestimmt noch mal was zu; jetzt wo es wieder Zeit zum schreiben zu sein scheint.. Bei dir kommt es bestimmt auch wieder!

  2. Ach ja und der Sale klingt toll. Ich wäre an dem Fensterbild der kleinen Zwergen und dem Shooting Star Gnome interessiert.
    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Monica says:

    I began to follow your blog while you were there was radio silence. 🙂

  4. Peggy says:

    Nice to have you back, lovely Svenna….but gutted if you’re thinking of stopping with the shop!
    …and the blog which I have always enjoyed reading.

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