Yarn Along


After a several months long knitting break, I started back with something quick and easy. My “socks on the go” – that have been living in a little pouch for about two years, to be grabbed and knitted on car journeys or afternoons at the playground – were a heel and a toe away from finishing. That wasn’t too hard.

Now there’s this mystery knit-along shawl (the knit-along having finished some four months ago, of course) to continue. All that cabling… At least I know where I am in the pattern, sort of. No such luck for shawl-on-the-needles-no.2, that is going to need some detective work. Maybe I’ll leave that one for later, and crack on with a few smaller knits. Instant gratification and all that.
Oh, and then there is the Ravelry queue. Updated, re-organised and ready for gift knitting. (Have you started yet? September is the start of my gift knitting season.)

And I just started reading this, My Grandmother Sends Her Regards and Apologises, as per my mum’s recommendation. Quite magical so far!

p.s. Details on the Stitch & Purl “Hibernation Sale” that’s currently on, can be found here.

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3 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Cricket Fox says:

    Good to see you again

  2. caffeinegirl says:

    I started gift knitting this summer, but then I kind of lost track of it and have been knitting for me. I guess it’s time to start thinking gifts again!

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