Shop Talk


I’ve updated the shop a last time before its break (including this one last pair of socks! We’re having a bit of another wave of summer here in England, but I am sure it is going to be time for woolly socks before we know it).
You will be able to have a browse for another ten days or so – which is just around the same time of year I opened the Etsy shop six years ago. Full circles and all that. The coupon code HIBERNATE will get you 50% off any item in the shop until then.

Click here to see what is still available. Thanks, all!

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4 Responses to Shop Talk

  1. Cricket Fox says:

    Will you open your store back up? Enjoy your time away and hope the creative juices really flow

  2. Oh those are so pretty. I lost my knitting mojo and can’t find it anywhere! And socks ugh they just proved to be to difficult.

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