Christmas Traditions II – Advent Calendar


A few years ago, I showed you the little cotton bags I made for an Advent calendar. I made them using cotton fabric and little bits of offcuts, back in… um… some eight years ago now. And they are still going strong. I hang them on a piece of string above our living room window, so they are a nice decoration but out of reach so we really only open one bag a day!

Finding little things to fill the pockets that are not chocolate or clutter can be a bit of a challenge, so I’ve made this little list as a reminder and for inspiration:

  • a trip to the library to get a pile of Christmas books for a cosy evening of stories
  • outings: find advent activities in your local community and put a little note or voucher in your calendar. For example craft activities in the library, the switching on of the Christmas lights in town, carol singing in the church, visiting a Christmas market… choosing the Christmas tree is a good one, too.
  • a voucher for movie and popcorn night
  • tickets for a Christmas play or concert
  • stationery: pens, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, stamps, stickers – great for Christmas crafts and always needed in our house.
  • edible treats: it doesn’t have to be chocolate. There are healthier options of shop bought or homemade foods, and a nice packaging makes them extra special
  • Christmas cookie cutters for an afternoon baking session
  • a book of stamps for sending out Christmas cards
  • decorations to put on the winter nature table, or a winter walk to collect treasures to display
  • a small pouch of crystals – these also make a great winter nature table decoration
  • ornaments to put on the Christmas tree

If you, like us, are having Advent elves as well, they can overlap at times. The elves might suggest an afternoon of Christmas card crafting, and in the calendar the children find some new glitter glue. Or the elves will recognise a special act of kindness and a treat can be found in the calendar bag as a reward.

Do you have advent calendars? What do you put in yours?

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