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Making & Listening

Making: * I hope you’re not fed up with our conker creatures, because we’re not done yet! This hedgehog has just moved into his brand new duplo home. We’re going to have to go collect some new ones because it’s … Continue reading

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Making & Listening

* Making: Kaya made this cotton bag for friends last week. We used freezer paper, just like I did for the bags I made for the shop. He drew the butterfly design and painted it, all I did was cut … Continue reading

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Wobbly smiles

Kaya’s drawings always melt my heart a little bit.. Every so often we spent an afternoon writing letters. I love communicating the old fashioned way. Kaya loves getting post. To get post you must send post. So the little guy … Continue reading

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August Break: Art

*** Just catching the tail end of the¬†August Break…

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Autumn Bunting

First we collected some autumn leaves. Those are just from the garden; we probably could have gotten more fancy ones in the park, but we liked it simple that day. We painted the leaves with fabric paint in brown.. ..and … Continue reading

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Family Drawing Time

On Sunday we were just getting ready to go out for a walk when Kaya decided he first had to do some drawing. So we all sat down again and got the drawing things out. My husband started doodling around … Continue reading

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Wax Resist Cards

Kaya and I made some more cards today – we still like to send cards to people every now and then (although Kaya prefers to send himself birthday cards these days. His birthday is in January. But that doesn’t really … Continue reading

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