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Starting the week

This Monday began way too early, if you ask me. I just don’t feel that sociable at half five. But alas, one of the little people did, and so we were up. Incidentally, I love being up early, I just … Continue reading

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A bit of sunshine

We’ve been spending so much time indoors with all this wet and cold. Yesterday we got a bit of cabin fever, and ended up moving our fridge-freezer around in the kitchen, swapping places with a little cupboard we had standing … Continue reading

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Progress Report – February

It’s been a few weeks now, and quite a bit of my clear-out list has been ticked off. The most fun things remain, the dining room rug, my clothes, the oven… There is a big box of second-hand things ready … Continue reading

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Clearing and Crafting News

I had a lovely surprise parcel from a dear friend over the weekend. Yarn! Fabric! A good reason to move the clear-out focus to my workspace and material storage. (I have moved on from the kitchen in the meantime, and … Continue reading

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The ins and outs of the kitchen cupboards

Over the holidays I’ve been wonderfully lazy with regards to household chores. I don’t think I’ve done anything much besides hoovering, really. I usually spread my cleaning over the week, a bit every day, but I was absolutely lacking the … Continue reading

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In the kitchen

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen recently. There have been many more of these. Also, apple and pear crumble, because now the baby can reach the fruit bowl. Favourite game: spinning it around. The fruit looks accordingly. … Continue reading

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August Break – Home

I am doing the washing up after dinner. The baby is next to me in his high chair, because even playing on the floor is too much of a distance from his Mama these days. Luckily, there is a cutlery … Continue reading

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